Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does 'Free Energy' Exist? is 'Free Energy Possible?

This is an interesting question to look at - because everyone wants 'Free Energy', so that we would not have to pay our electricity and gas bills each month, so that we could be self-sufficient instead of dependent on the big corporations generating/producing the electricity and extracting the gas from the earth who are very likely overcharging us for it so they can make lots of profit. Also because of 'profit' as in 'earning money' to become 'rich' and 'survive' in this reality - the big corporations tend to search for the cheapest, easiest ways to produce and distribute energy, which are not necessarily what is best for the earth.

When you browse the internet on subjects like 'free energy generator', you come across many tutorials and testimony's in youtube-video's and on websites that claim to have found 'the solution' by using for example magnetics. You'll then have to buy the 'manual' with the 'plans' to build this device yourself so that you can enjoy free energy - though together with all of these 'promotions' and 'special offers' and 'inventions', there is also a lot of video's and websites that expose these 'inventions' as scams and hoaxes.

So this leaves one to wonder 'who can I trust in this?' and 'why doesn't anyone in this whole world seem to be sincere, honest and truthful?' - everyone seems to be very willing to misguide, misdirect and mislead others to make money/profit. It seems that even the major corporations that provide the products that we need for our basic living/survival can often not be trusted. And even the people in our governments and major institutes that are supposed to be here to take care of our society, which is us, tend to get exposed as liars and cheaters - and there is an inherent feeling of distrust in almost every one towards each other, because we know that human beings are very capable of lying, cheating and misrepresentation to fulfill their personal desire for power/money (=survival).

So then, what about this notion of 'free energy' as some generator that can produce energy 'out of nothing'/'on itself', as what we're all looking for? Why do we want this so much? - obviously because energy as how it is being presented/produced/distributed at the moment, costs money.
And we accept this as 'normal' because for some reason we seem to believe that the earth requires money to give us it's resources for us to produce and use energy - we seem to have this attitude of believing that it is a 'rule of nature' that we need to pay money to get energy, as what the earth provides for us.

When that is in fact not true - because when you look at this point, than you can see that the ones who are charging money for energy is actually human beings - it is people who built a company that uses the earth's resources to produce energy, who decided to monopolize the earth and to pretend as if it is their property and as if, because they came up with some invention/idea to extract oil, coals or gas from the earth, they now have the 'right' to earn money from this 'invention' or 'company' and to charge every person on this planet who uses this energy/resource - so they can become extremely rich while the rest of humanity will have to become/stay poor because they now have to pay for what the earth actually provides for all of us freely.

It isn't only like this with energy, but with every invention that can make life more comfortable for human beings that people come up with - it is immediately 'patented', individualized, commercialized and capitalized so that a very few can make lots of money/profit from this, and all other people who use this 'invention' to be able to live/survive in this human society/world have to pay for it, they have to work day in and day out just be able to use this tool/product that makes life 'liveable' for us on this planet - when really it should be here for free.

Why? - because Life was given to us for free, we were born here on this planet for free, we may breathe for free, we may think and experience and express ourselves for free. So our expression in this world should also remain for free - that means that if you come up with a 'solution' or an 'invention' that can make life for all beings more pleasant and comfortable, wherein you make use of the resources that the earth provides for us freely, your invention/solution should be of the earth as well because you yourself are of the earth as every other living being that is here.

The whole idea/design of 'making profit' from the earth and from each other as all that is here - is a human invention, wherein the Capitalist System as what we are all living in todaLinky is the manifested expression of the greed and desire for power as a personal, selfish, individual experience that disregards all life and that is the seed of abuse in this world.

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Does The Hojo Motor produce Free Energy?

By Kelly Posey

The hojo motor not a 'free energy' device or trying to be a 'perpetual motion' type thing. It takes a small amount of energy to run it, and uses the properties of magnets to speed it up more. Without that little bit of energy to make it run you wouldn’t get anything as you see with the ‘magnet motors’ where they’re trying to make a device which use no energy at all but puts out energy.

The concept of 'free energy' needs to be redefined, as there's really no such thing, and the definition has been taken to mean something that takes absolutely no energy and can somehow create energy. If you look at how the hojo motor apparently functions, it (according to a motor in one video) takes 6 watts to run and puts out 90 watts, thus that would be '84 free watts'. So you could look at that as 'free energy'. But nothing is really free, and you gotta put in to get out. We waste a lot of time looking for ‘free energy’ instead of looking how to effectively use energy.

The hojo motor includes some sort of adapter so you can hook it up to your house electricity, so this could be something you can probably hook up to your system pretty easily once you get it built, and basically you're buying plans for it so you don't have to go draft your own and go through all the testing yourself.

Hojo motor website:

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