Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does The Hojo Motor produce Free Energy?

By Kelly Posey

The hojo motor not a 'free energy' device or trying to be a 'perpetual motion' type thing. It takes a small amount of energy to run it, and uses the properties of magnets to speed it up more. Without that little bit of energy to make it run you wouldn’t get anything as you see with the ‘magnet motors’ where they’re trying to make a device which use no energy at all but puts out energy.

The concept of 'free energy' needs to be redefined, as there's really no such thing, and the definition has been taken to mean something that takes absolutely no energy and can somehow create energy. If you look at how the hojo motor apparently functions, it (according to a motor in one video) takes 6 watts to run and puts out 90 watts, thus that would be '84 free watts'. So you could look at that as 'free energy'. But nothing is really free, and you gotta put in to get out. We waste a lot of time looking for ‘free energy’ instead of looking how to effectively use energy.

The hojo motor includes some sort of adapter so you can hook it up to your house electricity, so this could be something you can probably hook up to your system pretty easily once you get it built, and basically you're buying plans for it so you don't have to go draft your own and go through all the testing yourself.

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